Meadow River Southside Crag Access

In winter of 2013, large boulders appeared in the road to The Other Place, Area 51 and more. Here's what you need to know. 

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Written by Kenny Parker   

Vous X Highlights

Three words to describe Vous X:   Relaxed, Smooth, Participatory.  The smaller sized event gave

everyone more breathing room and shrunk the lines.  Sponsors provided a plethora of contests

and competitions at their booths that gave everyone a chance to jump in, participate and win!

Thanks to all participants for your stoked, polite, smiley, appreciative presence!


•    American Alpine Club Campground Grand Opening.  Every single tent platform at the brand new campground was full and the reviews are in:  Spectacular!  Congrats to Gene Kistler and crew for creating a carefully considered, well built and beautiful campground.  We look forward to the next phase (because Portajohns are a bummer…) Thanks to Lisa Hummel, southeastern regional coordinator, for all her help.
•    Karaoke!  Zany hosts Steve Hedgecock and Karen Domzalski led an evening of hilarious, silly, and ultimately entertaining singing at the Tiki Torch Lounge. If you want to call it that…thanks to Mt. Khakis!
•    The Unidentified Juggler.  Holy smokes that guy had skills.  Thanks for sharing!
•    Brittany Griffith and Jonathan Thesenga’s well received slideshow about climbing in Muslim countries was interesting and funny as hell.
•    Salewa’s table bouldering was a hit!  Great idea.
•    La Sportiva’s Run Like Hell Race doubled in size this year.
•    Dessertapalooza just keeps getting bigger and better!  This year an entire table of gluten-free and vegan options.  Thanks Black Diamond.
•    Trango sponsored a stick clip comp and saw over 30 people sign up.  Great idea Adam!
•    Jonathan Thesenga is the best arm wrestling tournament promoter on the planet.  The Black Diamond contest was off the hook:  tense, hyper-competitive, thrilling.  The men’s winner was Eddie Wooldridge who is part of the Access Fund’s Conservation trail building team.  The women’s winner’s name eludes us but she won last year too.  At 6’2” she had a distinct advantage over many of the smaller competitors. Her moniker was the Bosnian Beast!
•    Local 12 year old Kiya Babkirk, daughter of local hardpeople  Jason and Rachel Babkirk of the Friction Fix, scored the 4th highest of all the Women boulderers, beating everyone but the sponsored athletes.  Keep your eye on this talented up and comer.  Way to represent Kiya!
•    Sumo wrestling!  A Rendezvous first:  the two finalists in the Men’s division broke through the ring of spectators, and crashed into an unoccupied stroller.  That was some excitement we could have done without…
•    Thanks to Ash and Bob from Dovetail Solar and Wind for bringing the solar trailer.  We got half of vendor row off the grid!  Thanks to our Eco-sponsor Osprey Packs for making it happen.
•    Thanks to Broooks Wenzel for organizing the Interactive Art Exhibits that peppered the site.  The ultra cool web in the beer tent was FANTASTIC!  And the teeter/totter was a hit with the kids.
•    NO THEFT!!  We have only had a total of three theft free Rendezvous’ so we welcomed this one.
•    Tim Keenan, aka DJ Mon Voyage Neon, kept the dance floor hopped up for the duration.  Thanks for coming down.


    Our Sponsors.  What can we say but thanks for joining the team ten years ago.  Thanks for bringing your creativity and energy to our event.  Thanks for providing the reliable structure that under girds this whole crazy dog and pony show.  You are the best. 

•    The National Park Service.  Thanks for allowing us to celebrate climbing at the magical Burnwood site.  We appreciate all of you guys!
•    Kris Hampton, our emcee.  We could not ask for a more professional, solid, psyched, smooth talking voice on the mic.
•    Tracy de Gaetano and Spencer Martel, our volunteer coordinators.  This is the biggest, hardest job and these gals got it done! 
•    All our Volunteers!  You guys are the best and so many of you have helped out year after year.  We completely and totally appreciate your efforts.
•    Local volunteer Chris Whisenhunt stepped up and took over the coffee program.  For our very first time we kept up with the demand.  Critically important!

New River Rendezvous Comp Results                                                             



MALE                                FEMALE   
Name             Score            Name                 Score
Tim Rose        7155            Bri Garriss             3600
Daniel Horne                      Melise Edwards      3940
                                       Leanna Lockhart    4540


MALE                                    FEMALE   
Name                Score            Name              Score
Justin Miller        3210            Julie Hwang       2465
Cullen Updyke    5215            Shea O'Donnell   
David Lloyd        5295               
Kyle Matulevich                   
Michael Fisher                   
Justin Leffrey                   
Eric Cox                   


MALE                                        FEMALE   
Name                   Score             Name                      Score
Jeff Rock              3215              Robyn Tesauro         1175
Dystyn Whyte       2335              Catherine Suen   
Ethan Strattan      2275              Caitlyn Jensen   
John Bauman        1550              KP Peress   
Nathan Blakeslee   1430               
Brandon Halstead  1120               
Andrew Taggart                   
A.J. Matunis                   
Spenser Biedrzycki                   
Iuan Miccer                   
Vicente Valdez                   
Will Kuenstner                   
Mike Boek                   
Zebulon Ganster                   
Robert 'Rudy' Rudisill   


MALE                                     FEMALE   
Name                  Score            Name            Score
Chris Pipas            2220            Courtney Poles    1900
Daniel Mark           1400           Arati Umarvadia    1755
Doug When Head?                  Megan Grose        1545
Robert Burkhead                     Jessica Spiers        1195
Kevin Yu                                Britny Brooks          855
Bill Flaherty                             Dee Koutsourais   
Justin Cook                             Alex Matunis   
Jonathan DeNicola                    Meredith Morris   
                                             Lindsay Crandall   
                                             Anne Flaherty   

MALE                                       FEMALE   
Name            Score                   Name            Score
Kiya Babkirk    2945

Star Chaser

MALE                              FEMALE   
Name          Score            Name    Score
Gus Laffey    45 STARS               



MALE                                FEMALE   
Name            Score            Name    Score
Nick Duttle     15836               
Tim Rose

MALE                FEMALE   
Name                 Score          Name                    Score
Jonathan Shen    963            Cecylia Dembinski     1448   
Manty Vogel        90              Morgan Gerlitz   
Dan Castille                           KP Peress   
Daniel Park

MALE                                     FEMALE   
Name                     Score        Name              Score
Patrick English         279           Jessica Bender   
Jackson Tankersley


MALE                                FEMALE   
Name                   Score            Name                    Score
Brian W. Martin      137        Peggy Hummel              10
Keur Caerrh                        Krista Weller   
Shawn Daws                      Taylor Bowling   
                                        Jacqueline Ellis   
                                        Katherine Whittington   
Star Chaser

MALE                                    FEMALE   
Name                Score            Name    Score
Ryan Johnson    40 stars



MALE                                      FEMALE   
Name                   Score            Name            Score
Matt Wilder           7071            Julia Statler     282
Jonathan Brandt    6170               
David Statler         3326               
Neal Poorman         754               

MALE                                           FEMALE   
Name                      Score              Name               Score
Landon Evans          1244                Katelyn Jones    635
Jereme Houghton    1069                Erin Larsen        321
Mark Webb             148               
Gino Filippini              28               
Ryan Watts                   
Jacob Current                   
Shane West                   
Sam Spicer                   
Tim Herculson   


MALE                                   FEMALE
Name                    Score        Name               Score
Philip Van Schaick    404        Heidi Stanke        169
Jon Becker             137       Amber Jaxon        94
Robby Maffel                       Meghan Miller       81
Keith Witmer                      Kristina Kovacs      74
Chris Pipas                   
Brandon Bayley                   
Spencer Herculson                   
Jay Helm

Star Chaser

MALE                     FEMALE  
Name               Score            Name    Score
Alexander Kirg                   



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